Iffet Episode 3 By Geo Kahani – 26th February 2014

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Iffet Episode 3 By Geo Kahani – 26th February 2014

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The impending drama serial Iffet is going to be began from 26th of February 2014 on Geo Kahani. It is a Turkish drama serial which is directed by Faruk Teber and composed by Can Sinan. The drama will be demonstrated on Geo Kahani from Monday to Wednesday at nine.Pm. The drama is composed of many well-known Turkish actors.

Iffet new Drama serial by Geo Kahani

Plot Summary :  The young and beautiful Iffet lives with her father and younger sister in one of the older and more modest neighborhoods of Istanbul. She is deeply in love withCemil, a taxi driver at the local taxi station. Iffet dreams about the day when Cemil will propose to her. In fact, Cemil does not want to marry Iffet yet as he has bigger plans. One day he will be rich, so rich that he can leave the middle-class neighborhood and live an exotic life elsewhere. As Iffet continues her clandestine relationship with Cemil, he starts pushing her about sharing her bed before they marry and one unfortunate day, during the wedding of Iffet’s best friend Serpil, drunk and out of control; he first comes on strong to Iffet and then rapes her. Cemil begs for her forgiveness with a marriage proposal and Iffet hopes everything will turn around and be okay afterwards, but nothing goes as planned. When Iffet is left with nothing through the hands of the man she loves, her one goal is revenge, but will her temptation for revenge be stronger than her love for Cemil?

Cast : Deniz ÇakirIbrahim Celikkol

The promos had already been onaired. Have a look at the videos below.



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Deniz Çakir is the heroin of Iffet although Ibrahim Celikkol will be her hero. Deniz is named as Iffet in the serial and Ibrahim is Cemil. The serial goes in these kinds of a way that Iffet life in community of Istanbul with her father and a sister younger than her. Cemil role is the serial is that of a neighborhood taxi driver at the taxi station.

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